BREAKING NEWS: Massive Chemical Weapon Attack In Syria!!!

Chemical Weapon Attack In Syria

Over 1,000 dead including scores of children.  The Assad regime is said to be behind the attacks.  Some reports put the death toll at greater than 1,300 killed including those who died from shelling related to the attack.  The pictures and video  were supposedly taken directly by civilians on the ground in Syria after the initial attack.  The attack was said to have taken place in the Ghouta region just outside of Damascus.  If these reports are correct I believe this will be the deadliest attack in the history of this conflict in Syria and one of the most deadliest chemical weapon attacks against civilians in history.  I can’t write much more I’m heartbroken over this news and I have been up all night.  I will report more later today as I learn more.  The regime just put the final nail in their coffin if these reports are confirmed.  I don’t know how much further you could cross the red line then this.  Who could be so cruel to unleash a chemical weapons attack on children?  The Assad regime that’s who.  The Assad regime just has confirmed how heartless and cruel they are.

Okay Bashar you resort to poisoning children to death with a chemical weapons attack suffocating them and shutting down their nervous system, well your compound will soon be having missiles like hail and fire raining down upon it!  This is war Bashar you crossed a red line that can not be uncrossed.

What a strange coincidence we have are first cyber concert for Syria trying to help the children of Syria and this has to happen.  I tell you if Obama refuses to act after this I will permanently write off his Administration.  When a regime decides to use such weapons of mass destruction against its own countries children it has indeed crossed a moral line which we as a Nation should not allow to stand unchallenged.    Yes I am angry but I mean every word of it.  This is not about revenge this about stopping this evil regime from launching more such attacks against the Syrian people.  We can not stand silent after so many innocents were killed by chemical weapons including scores of children.  It is time to overthrow this regime using the full force of US and allied forces, diplomatic solutions have just been taken off the table!

Keeping you informed


P.S. If some of you think I am overreacting I ask you what if those were your family members, children, friends, neighbors?

Chemical Attack In Syria

Syria Chemical Weapons Attack

Children Killed From Chemical Attacks

Children Killed After Chemical Weapon Attacks

Children Victims Of Chemical Attacks

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