When A Major Human Caused Injustice, Crisis, Disaster Happens Do You Generally Get Mostly Angry or Mostly Sad?

Sad or Angry

by Alan Curtis Montgomery @ World Human Rights – Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 Unported License – Based On Creative Commons Works by DodosD and Guyon Morée from Beverwijk, Netherlands

I noticed something one day when a major human caused injustice, crises, or disaster happens some people tend to get sad and others tend to get angry.  I first noticed this phenomenon after September 11th, 2001 after the US terror attacks.  I was 17 years old and sitting in a session with my counselor who I had been seeing for a couple of years for therapy for my mental health issues.  The September 11th attacks had just recently happened.  She told me her son or nephew, I can’t remember which, was very angry after the attacks and immediately signed up for the military to fight.  She then asked me how the attacks had effected me and if I felt a similar sentiment.  She asked if I had ever considered joining the military.  I told her, which was the truth, I felt very depressed after the attacks and felt sadness for the victims.  I then said I mostly felt sad, not angry over the events.  As far as the military I told her my grandfather and several of his brothers fought in WWII and my grandfather told me the horrors of war.  I said that he wished neither my brother or I would ever have to fight in war.  I had spoken which was my true sentiment, I didn’t want to have to ever kill anyone and I didn’t think I could handle the stress of combat.  She then told me people respond to crises and hardship in different ways and that some people tend to get angry after certain events and others sad.  Later this got me to thinking I noticed this to be true in what I had observed after the attacks how people responded to them.  I was in Arizona not in New York so the sadness and anger might have been more subdued than there but I noticed it even in people in Arizona and within myself.

I could not believe what had happened when it first happened.  I had dropped out of high school at the time after struggling with major depression and other mental health issues.  I was sleeping in, during the morning, as was typical for me in that time in my life. I slept all the time and had no motivation to do hardly anything.  I noticed a message was on the answering machine blinking, I must have been woken up by the phone ringing.  I figured it was my parents calling to remind me of something or ask me something.  It was instead my grandmother.  The message went something like this ‘Alan, the United States is under attack.  They just flew a plane into the World Trade Center in New York.  They are not sure what is going on but some fear more attacks may be coming.  Turn on FOX News they are talking about it now.  This is serious we are under attack.  Call me.’  I was absolutely shocked, I figured it was my grandmother exaggerating as she has a tendency to do.  I turned on the news, MSNBC not FOX which is the channel I always watched and sometimes CNN.  Sure enough my grandmother was right.  The first plane had hit, the second one had not hit yet.  When I saw the second plane hit Live I froze and became very worried and my heart sank.  I could not believe what I was witnessing with my very eyes, that this was happening here.  That this was not a movie or happening overseas but right here, was very discomforting.  My stomach began to knot up, my adrenaline was rushing, and my heart was racing.  I watched the towers burn and smolder and feared for the worst.  I thought of all those people who must have been killed in those attacks and I was very depressed and afraid at the same time.  Anger had not came into my heart at all at this point.  Days later I was angry to some degree but still sadness and fear were the overwhelming emotions.

Meanwhile I noticed while some were responding to the attacks like me, others seemed angry and wanted to get revenge.  They began to make angry statements and say unkind things about Muslims.  They wanted to ‘get these guys’ kind of attitude.  I too days and weeks later after the event was angry that terrorist and extremist had orchestrated the attacks and were celebrating our pain, but sadness and worry was still the predominate emotions.

I am not sure other than personality differences what causes the difference in responses.  Maybe it is the whole warriors vs healers thing, those who want to fight and those who want to help the suffering.  The whole fight vs flight thing perhaps plays a role.  Perhaps it is goes deeper and is an indication of a person’s heart and values.  I think probably it is some of all at that at play.  People who get angry at such events can not often understand those who don’t get angry but get sad instead.

I found I tend to get along with people who are led by their hearts than those led by anger in such situations.  I tend to understand those better who look deeper at situations and see a fuller picture than those looking superficially at something and only considering a small portion of all there is to consider.  There are two types of people those led primarily by their hearts and those primarily led by their heads.  An example of both kinds of people; Pope Francis is primarily led by his heart, Prime Minster Netanyahu is primarily led by his head.  Pope Francis I have noticed gets sad during major human caused injustices, crises, or disasters, meanwhile during the same events some like Netanyahu get angry.  Watch and observe different people and you will find this very much to be true.

With myself it depends on the situation as some personal injustices make me much more angry than sad.  For example someone yells in my face and says mean things to me, that is going to make me angry.  Someone does that to someone else and I witness it that is still going to make me angry.  In fact I tend to get even angrier when the injustice is done against someone I care about or empathize with, than an injustice done against me.  However it seems the greater the injustice the more sadness becomes the predominate emotion in me. I am angry at what is happening in Gaza but I am much more sad at the events.

I have been involved in activism involving Syria within six months of the conflict beginning over there.  My emotions were all over the map depending on the situation of the day in the reports of the events on the ground.  At times I felt sad and hopeless that the Syrian people didn’t stand a chance.  At times my anger at Assad, his army, and with extremist elements within the opposition could be described in no other words than wrath.  At times I had overwhelming feelings of altruism of wanting to help the refugees and displaced in Syria.  In my activism I saw, read about, and heard the worst things I ever have in my life.  I was just a witness from afar, and it was sometimes terrible to witness.  I can not even fully imagine what it is like to be there and have to live through such things.  It was very taxing on the emotions and at times thinking about the situation in Syria was all I could think about.

I stopped liking violent movies after my activism in Syria.  Seeing violence in the real world allowed me to see the real human cost and brutality of violence.  For example I saw the movie the hunger games and if I wasn’t invited by family members to see it I would have walked out of the theater.  I had not known what the movie was about before I saw it.  The plot of kids killing kids, after witnessing the aftermath of massacres in Syria including those involving women and children, was actually unsettling to watch even though it wasn’t real.  The movies they have today are more violent and brutal than ever and I have little desire to watch such movies.  Violence in the real world is no game; it is deadly, ugly, and deeply depressing.  I am not at all dissing people who choose to view violent media and as a civil libertarian I have zero desire to ban it.  I am just saying, seeing so much violence in my activism caused me to lose a lot a desire to see such media.

There were cases in Syria, that literally brought me to tears in seeing the reports.  Some things I have seen regarding Gaza also effected me a lot.  I felt ill sometimes, other times very angry, other times deeply depressed.  There are somethings that stayed with me as they had such an effect on me.  I could tell you a number of stories that happened in Syria years and months ago, like they happened yesterday. In all honesty sometimes I just looked away and did not watch videos other activist had sent me.  I had seen enough bloodshed than I could handle.  I began to focus instead on the refugee and displaced persons crises.  I was not a warrior I could not stop the brutal thugs carrying out such crimes, but as an activist I tried unsuccessfully to convince the US to get militarily involved though I think I did help in some way convince the US government to help the moderate opposition. I think I played some role in getting Assad disarmed of chemical weapons.  I think I played some role in getting aid for the refugees.  I am not naive, I know my role was limited, but I know beyond a shadow of a doubt I made some positive difference in Syria.  I know some people were hearing me who had some power and influence to some degree or another.  I know I was causing my fellow citizens to pay more attention to Syria.  I know my friends and fellow activist were doing the same thing.

My friend and fellow activist named Bobby were in it from nearly the beginning and between the two of us I know we helped cause change to happen and the world to pay attention.  We had a bit of a falling away from each other after ideological arguments involving deeply held beliefs, but we since have become friends again and are still both involved in activism.  It is evidence how friends can have some significant ideological divisions on certain topics and have different personalities, but still remain friends.  It is also evidence how ego, emotions, and serious disagreements can cause friends to grow apart and how they can also find a way to become friends again.  The key is both parties have to make an effort and find a way to bridge divisions and accept that there will be some significant divisions on certain topics.  At the end of the day they still can be friends if they make the effort that is required.

I am still fighting the fight but for my mental health’s sake as my activism was taking a big toll on me emotionally and even physically to some extent; I had to step away from it for a while.  I felt I did a lot and had hit a brick wall in my activism so I felt I was no longer able to do much more to help.  I was also so discouraged over the way the world has failed to respond to Syria after so long of time spent in activism.  It seemed the world would continue ignoring me and other activist and allow Assad and the extremist elements within the opposition to hurt and kill the Syrian people.  My heart is still with the Syrian people and moderate Syrian opposition who are fighting for defense of the Syrian people and not ideology.  I am at this point just deeply discouraged over what is happening in Syria.  It seems the battle will wage on until every good person is forced to flee or is killed, until it is left to a brutal death match between two brutal camps with an ever narrowing moderate opposition as both tyrannical sides kill them off.  Until it ends in a brutal death match of the “wicked killing the wicked” as the old saying goes.  I hope something drastic changes because that is where I think Syria is heading if the world allows it to continue to go on.

All this then the crises in Egypt with one dictator, being replaced by another, and then another.  Then Ukraine with Russia moving back to its old bad ways attempting to re-create its Soviet Union glory which was mostly manufactured propaganda. The many crises in Africa.  Now the crises in Israel and Palestine.  It is just one example after another of tyrants and extremist along with brutal acts of inhumanity.  No I am not angry primarily I am just mostly sad, deeply depressed over the world’s crises would be more accurate.  Are we just going to continue to sit down and complain, cry, and pound are fist on the table in anger, or are we going to stand up and take the world towards peace and love?  Are we going to allow ourselves to continue to be dominated by tyrants and tyranny or are we going to demand accountability and change?  Are we going to be victims or survivors?  Are we going to fade away into history or are we going to thrive and have a golden age of enlightenment?  The choice is ours, rather we are sad or angry or both.  The world is not doomed.  It is not destined for destruction, if we don’t allow it.  It is not necessary we stay forever divided and fight a continual battle for domination and power, we can find a way to get along.  It is not necessary that hatred stays in the human heart, we can love our neighbor.  We can tear down the walls in Gaza and the West Bank and find a way for Palestine and Israel to exist together without seeking destruction and domination of the other.  Stop just being sad and angry and work towards solutions to the worlds problems.  Work on building bridges between peoples not walls.  Work on finding peace and love not war and hatred.  Lets tear down the walls and use the stones to build roads uniting people.

Alan Curtis Montgomery

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It’s Time For Radical Change!


I am sick and tired of being called an anti-Semite and anti-Israel every time I happen to disagree with Israel’s government, foreign policy, its treatment of the Palestinian people, its harsh anti-terror tactics, and the way it has brutally carried out these latest assaults against the Palestinian people.  I refuse to stay silent to human rights abuses carried out by any government, and that includes the Israeli government.  I will not allow radical Zionist in Israel and the United States to paint me as an anti-Semite and anti-Israel any longer without fighting back.  You can call me an anti-Semite and anti-Israel all day long and it will not make it true.  You can say I am pro Hamas and terrorism, that also is a lie.  You can claim any number of things about me, but such claims without strong evidence are just empty words.

The fact is I support the right of Israel to exist, the right for it to defend itself, and the US/Israel alliance.  I have several Jewish friends and some of the people I most admire in the world happen to be Jewish.  I however happen to disagree with certain decisions, tactics, and operations carried out by the Israeli government.  I am very opposed to the way Israel’s government treats the Palestinian people.  I hate to see the Palestinian people suffering the way they have been suffering in these latest assaults by Israel.  I am very angry with a number of things Israel has done in this latest conflict; I want these events to be investigated by the international community as possible war crimes and human rights violations.  I want justice for the Palestinian people who have suffered because of Israel’s and Hamas’ actions.

The fact is I have no love for Hamas and am vehemently opposed to vigilantism including terrorism.  Hamas is among the two biggest obstacles to peace in Israel and Palestine with the Israeli government being the other obstacle.  The military wing of Hamas is a terrorist organization without a doubt and should be treated as one.  The radical Zionist members within the Likud Party are terrorist too in my opinion, they are state sponsored terrorist.  I have love for the Palestinian and Israeli people but nothing but hatred for the Likud Party and Hamas.  I tried to make peace with Prime Minister Netanyahu, but at this point I have lost almost all faith in him.  He is flirting with earning a war criminal status if he has not already done so.  The way he is waging this war in Gaza is brutal and savage.  The horrific deaths of Palestinian civilians caused by the Israeli Defence Forces are tragic, depressing, and enraging.  The brutal deaths of Palestinian children in this conflict are simply heartbreaking.

I want peace in Israel and the Middle East.  I wish for it every day in this conflict.  It is needed now more than ever.  I will not be silent to massacre however, I will not ignore crimes against humanity, I will not overlook human rights abuses carried out by governments.  All governments who participate in such, should be called out and reprimanded.  I have done so with Syria, Iran, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and the United States and I will do so with Israel.  The US has a major problem with going against human rights as does Israel.  I am tired of both Nations suggesting they are world leaders on human rights, which they are clearly not.  I expect more from the US and our allies than the rest of the world, so I will continue to hold them to higher standards.  The United States and Israel abuse human rights too and it is time to speak truth to power.  No more apologizing for my Nation’s human rights abuses and no more holding back in criticism against Israel’s human rights abuses.  Look in the mirror America and Israel, before condemning the rest of the world.

I am an American but I am no longer Proud to be an American.  With the US having waged needless wars, its inhumane prison system, its terrible treatment of immigrants including children, its treating LGBTQ citizens as second class citizens, its abysmal record on poverty, its miserable environmental record, its reactionary and harsh justice system, its corporate domination, and its political conservatism I have little to be proud of America these days.  I love my Country, its people, and the Constitution but I am not Proud to be an American or Proud of my Country.  I am greatly disappointed in the Congress and my faith in President Obama being the progressive I thought he was has greatly waned.

My thoughts for Israel is, it is becoming a reactionary and fascist Nation under the leadership of the Likud Party and the Israeli political-right.  Much the same way America is under the Tea Party and big brother so-called progressives, making a mockery of real progressives like myself.  Our police and security forces are increasingly fascist in nature.  Our surveillance state is only gaining in scope.  Our laws are increasingly more draconian.  Our politicians increasingly more reactionary and extreme.  It is time to rebel against the State both in the US and Israel, along with many other Nations in the world.  It is time to purposefully defy the state and protest against it.  It is time to demand change and not stop demanding until we cease to breathe.  They can attempt to silence us, imprison us, even kill us but they can not kill an idea and the desire to be free.  I am tired of being timid and ready to fight for freedom and change.  It is time we call fascist out and fight against them. No more middle of the road solutions and half-assed activism.

Stand up today and fight against fascism in all its forms. Fight against Israeli apartheid and war mongering.  Hold Israel accountable for its crimes in this conflict.  Hold Hamas accountable for their crimes.  Hold the US accountable for bending over backwards to apologize for Israel.  Hold the Congress accountable for its actions and inaction.  Hold the President accountable for saying one thing and doing another.  No more sitting on the sidelines and asking for change, no we should demand change!

It’s time to march in the streets and rebel on social networking sites.  Its time to write for change.  Its time to bring change.  It is time not to be afraid any longer and say exactly what we think.  I stand in solidarity with the oppressed and persecuted people in the world, including the Palestinian and Israeli people.  I stand opposed to all forms of government and politicians opposed to human rights, human freedom, and human dignity.  I will fight until I can fight no more and no longer breathe.  Its time to demand Israel stop killing civilians and most especially stop killing children.  I advocate for a Palestinian State standing side by side with Israel.  I advocate that a Palestinian child is given the same respect and opportunities as an Israeli child.  I demand Israel and Hamas stop the killing and devastation.

These issues of human rights, human freedom, and human dignity are worth sacrificing everything for including ones life if needs be.  Without them this world is not a world worth living in.  We must take a stand and not allow fear to silence or censor us.  There is nothing that the powerful, wealthy, and well-connected want more than for us to remain silent.  They fear nothing more than the people rising up and demanding change.  Speak up I can’t hear you!  Stand up I can’t see you!  March for a better world I can’t carry you!  Individually we can do a lot but together we can accomplish more than most can imagine.  It is time for revolutionary change within Israel, the United States, and around the world.  I am tired of waiting for change I am going to help make it happen.  I ask that you join me.

Alan Curtis Montgomery

World Human Rights Open Letter To Prime Minister Netanyahu To Stop The Shedding Of Innocent Blood

Palestinian Child Killed In Gaza

Palestinian Child Killed In Gaza (Credit: Ministry Of Health In Gaza)

Dear Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu,

I as the editor and founder of the World Human Rights blog, an American, and a member of the human race ask that you do everything in your power to limit the killing of civilians.  No one Mr. Prime Minster in the entire world has more power to shape the nature of this conflict and limit civilian deaths as you do.  You are in a very powerful position in this conflict to help end the bloodshed as quickly as possible.  I realize you alone are not anywhere close to being solely responsible for every terrible thing that has taken place in this conflict.  The fact remains however as the leader of Israel you necessarily bear the most responsibility for how this conflict is executed from the Israeli side in the conflict.  No rocket, missile, or bullet is fired by the Israeli military without first your permission for them to engage in military operations.  Whatever effects result from this giving the green light for military engagement lie primarily at your feet.  That is a terrible burden to bear on one’s conscience, but it is one all leaders in conflicts have to bear.

The fact remains Mr. Prime Minister civilians including youths and children have had their lives stolen from them by the results of Israeli air strikes.  I am not naive in this regard; I realize with any military engagement in populated areas it will result in the deaths of some civilians almost as a certainty.  I realize the fog of war prevents someone from seeing all the consequences of every strike carried out.  I also realize sometimes civilians will be near military and government targets.  However these are not just numbers of casualties and statistics, these were living breathing human beings with the same needs and desires as any other human beings.  They were someone’s son or daughter who were loved and cared about.  They had dreams and aspirations, they loved life, they loved their family and friends.  They wanted freedom and to live life.  They did not make demands, they did not shoot missiles into Israel, they did not sign up to be martyrs, but their lives were stolen from them just the same.

Four Palestinian boys did not go to the beach to be martyrs, they did not go to the beach to throw rocks at Israeli Defence Forces, they did not go to the beach to make a political statement against Israel, they did not go to the beach to act as human shields, they did not go to the beach with ill will towards others; they went to the beach to play.  All they wanted to do was play like any other child, and instead they were killed in a savage and brutal way.  They were instantly burned, their bones broken, and their insides were torn apart by shrapnel from a misguided Israeli missile.  That is how these children died Mr. Prime Minister.  That is a terrible way to die, I hope they did not suffer long before they died from their injuries.  The thought of them lying there in agony and indescribable pain is too much to bear even imagining.  I imagine if they did live some after the blast their last thoughts were if their brothers/cousins were okay and they wanted their mothers and fathers. That death would be an awful death even for a grown man to suffer with.  For a young child to suffer such, it is even worse physically and psychologically.  This did not have to happen Mr. Prime Minister, this should not have happened, but it did happen and Israel is responsible for it.

Imagine being the grieving father showed in the media Mr. Prime Minister.  Imagine the pain, hurt, and anger in his heart to learn his sons were killed, especially in the circumstances and manner in which they were killed.  Imagine the grief of a mother, the grief of a brother, a sister, an aunt, an uncle, a grandfather, a grandmother, a cousin. Imagine the pain knowing they will never see them alive again.  Imagine the difficulty of telling a son or daughter their brother(s) are dead.  A loss of a child is difficult in any circumstance, in circumstances like this the loss is that much greater.  No one who has not experienced such can fully understand the depth of pain and loss felt by those who had a loved one killed. These boys had names; Mohamed Ramez Bakr, Zakaria Ahed Bakr, Ismael Mohamed Bakr, and Ahed Atef Bakr.  They were poor and naive Palestinian kids who disobeyed their elders and ran off to play on the beach Mr. Prime minister; they were not terrorist, they were not criminals, they were not extremist.  They had no ill intent, they were just tired of being cooped up because of the current conflict and wanted to go outside and play.  Yet Israel shot them down like they were Hamas terrorist militants.

It was an accident the incident that occurred, but accidents caused by negligence can still be crimes.  People still need to be held responsible for not obeying established rules, being grossly negligent, and having reckless disregard for human life.  Even if every precaution was taken to avoid such deaths and no one can be directly responsible, at the very least Israel needs to apologize and try to make amends for such tragedies.  Israel does not need to make excuses, blame Hamas, use tired and largely false rhetoric of human shields.  Israel needs to take full responsibility for its decisions and actions and accept the full consequences for its decisions and actions.  It’s time for Israel to do the right thing and try to make things right.  It’s time to de-escalate this conflict not ratchet it up.  It’s time to be more cautious and restrained in attacks, not more bold and unrestrained.  It’s time to do things to reduce the occurrence of civilian deaths, and not use the bad behavior of Hamas as a justification for Israel acting badly.

As a hypothetical situation to make a point: If a man threatens me with a gun and shoots at me and I go to shoot him back in self-defense and kill his children standing next to him instead by mistake, I am still responsible for those children’s deaths.  My decisions and actions led to their deaths, even though the man was shooting at me and I tried to shoot him in self-defense.  The result was the children were killed by my weapon that I fired.  No I did not have malicious intent, but the children were killed just the same.  It would give me little comfort knowing the children I killed was accidental, I would still feel just as awful.  If I killed the man I would most likely not be charged being it was done in self-defense of life, but I still could be charged with negligent homicide or manslaughter for the children’s deaths.  Sure my defense attorney could argue the man was using his children as human shields, or the gun malfunctioned, or I was under a state of extreme duress, but none of that would change the fact my weapon and actions led to the death of the children.  I would in all likelihood still be legally culpable for the deaths of the children.

Why then does a Nation get away with such crimes, when an individual doing a similar thing would be prosecuted for such crimes?  These incidents being the lack of malicious intent may not be war crimes in the classical definition of war crimes, but the fact is innocents were still killed.  There has to at the very least be accountability and steps and measures taken to prevent future losses of civilian lives.  If nothing else Mr. Netanyahu do it for the children, they are blameless in this conflict and absolutely don’t deserve to be harmed or killed.  Lets not have any more such stories during the duration of this conflict on either side.  Lets pray that no more innocents are killed on the Israeli or Palestinian side.  Lets hope that Israeli and Palestinian children can live long enough to see peace in their lifetime.

Sincerely a supporter of peace in Israel and Palestine,

Alan Curtis Montgomery

Israel puts 40,000 troops on alert for possible ground offensive after day-long airstrikes in Gaza leave 15 Palestinians dead | DailyMail

An explosion on the Gaza Strip

An explosion on the Gaza Strip as one of the 100 sites targeted by Israeli forces goes up in flames

Israel puts 40,000 troops on alert for possible ground offensive after day-long airstrikes in Gaza leave 15 Palestinians dead

  • Israeli military bombs 50 sites in Gaza, including homes, in air strikes and naval attacks as part of new offensive
  • Troops have also been mobilised for possible ground invasion aimed at stopping recent barrage of rocket attacks
  • Attacks by Israel come after cabinet approved ‘hardening’ of stance against Hamas as tanks mass on border
  • Nearly 300 rockets and mortars have been fired at Israel in recent weeks, including barrage of 80 projectiles yesterday
  • Tensions mounting after killing of Palestinian boy, 16, in suspected revenge attack for deaths of three Israeli youths

By Leon Watson and Chris Pleasance and James Rush

Air raid sirens were sounded across Israel tonight as the country’s armed forces stepped up their offensive in the Gaza Strip. A series of explosions hit Jerusalem as apparent rocket attacks were carried out by Hamas which has seen its territory in Gaza pounded by airstrikes throughout the day.

On Tuesday night the group said it targeted cities including Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa in the north of the country with long-range rockets.

Earlier in the day, the Israeli military launched what could be a long-term offensive, striking more than 100 sites and mobilising 40,000 troops for a possible ground invasion aimed at stopping a heavy barrage of rocket attacks against Israel.

At least 15 Palestinians, including three children, were killed in the attacks from air and sea, Palestinian officials said…

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2682995/Beaten-home-American-teen-held-Israeli-police-pictured-safe-parents-house-arrest.html#ixzz36uhrtv00
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Israel and Palestine

On Friends & Neighbors And Enemies & Adversaries

Israel and Palestine

Oh ye sons of Israel and sons of Palestine why do ye seek to slay your brethren?  Know ye not that you share the same fathers from earlier generations?  Know ye not that the same blood flows through your veins?  Know ye not that your enemies children are just as precious as your children?  Do you believe that by teaching your children to hate, desire revenge, and seek the blood of their enemies that you are teaching them something that would be pleasing to your God?  Ye hypocrites who preach you worship a loving, merciful, and just God and practice only hatred, vengeance, and injustice.  Ye have your reward!

When the blood flows down the street, the children made orphans, and the wives widows; know the evil in your own hearts brought it upon you.  For both have sought the life of your brothers and both have killed the other.  You do not have to be a believer or a righteous man to see the truth in this matter.  It is so obvious even a child could understand it.  Even a child knows killing is wrong and can understand the shared humanity the other shares with them.  You are so blind with anger and hatred you can not even see this most basic of truths.  You are as fools who would stumble into a ditch even though you see the ditch right before you.  You are as a stubborn mule who would fight someone who is trying to help them out of the ditch that they fell in.  You are as evil men who preach mercy and vengeance in the same breath, love and hatred in the same breath, peace and war in the same breath, life and death in the same breath.  You are not righteous men, you are not wise, you are not doing God’s will.  You are wicked, foolish, and only doing your own will.  You brought this war upon yourselves and I fear the blood spilled in this war could be terrible and the devastation great.

How many children will have their lives stolen from them because you brought war against the other?  How many children will be made fatherless because of your desire for vengeance?  How many children will be left without a mother?  How many young men shall fall in battle brought about by leaders who desire vengeance more than peace?  How many Israel?  How many Palestine? How many lives will have to be lost in this senseless cycle of harm and vengeance? 20 lives? 50 lives? 100 lives? 1,000 lives? 10,000 lives?  How many sons of Israel and Palestine are you willing to sacrifice in this quest for vengeance?  How much blood will have to be spilled before your bloodlust is appeased?  Which one of you will first rise above the natural man and not give into vengeance and lay down your weapons?  Who among you will preach peace while the others declare war?

If you want the West to support your cause Israel, then you will be left in want.  If you want the West to support your cause Palestine, then you too will be left in want.  This is your fight and none will aid you in these brutal killings.  We will take no sides in a war fueled by vengeance and rage.  We will provide no relief beyond humanitarian aid.  We will continue to speak out, call for an end to violence, and seek a peaceful solution to this crises.  Yea even if 100,000 lives were lost it would not settle these disputes, this crises can not be solved in blood but requires a political solution.  It requires men to act as men and seek peace, not as beast seeking to kill the other.  Think of the children on both sides of this conflict who you are leading; what kind of values are you teaching them when you engage in such brutal bloodshed?  What kind of future are you leaving them?  What hope do you give them?  You must get over your arrogance and realize this is not about you, this is about them and the future.  This is not about your forefathers and the past.  This is about tomorrow not yesterday.  This is about them and their future not you and your hanging onto old hatreds.

You can lay down your arms and refuse to seek vengeance against the other or you can take up arms and seek vengeance against the other.  The choice is yours and yours alone.  However be forewarned the choice you make will determine if you live in a land of peace and tranquility or war and hardship.  The choice you make will determine if the bloodletting stops or blood runs the streets.  The choice you make will determine if your houses shall be filled with bounty or left desolate.  The choice is yours, what path will you take?  Do not forget the greatest and most terrible events of history began as small events that no one really paid much mind to, until they ended up changing history for better or worse.  Why rob your children the chance at life, bounty, and peace and instead bring them death, desolation, and war?  You would do so simply so you can satisfy your evil desires for vengeance.  You would take all that from them and bring them such tragedy so you can get revenge?  You would risk everything you have for a chance to get even?  You will lose far more than you will gain if you continue to seek vengeance and the life of the other.  Your houses shall be left desolate, your wives widows, and your children fatherless.  The only hope to avoid war, vengeance, and hatred is peace, forgiveness, and love.  Without peace, forgiveness, and love there is no future in Israel nor hope for the nation of Palestine.

Alan Curtis Montgomery

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